Optimization in a world that we always feel the pressure to make perfect?

The underlining of optical advantages will certainly make us happier. We aim to intensify our radiation and our impact on others in order to highlight our individual strengths of character, so that we are perceived more positively by the people around us. However: Nobody has to become a perfectionist or a person who always tries to optimize everything. I say STOP at the point where perfectionism is exaggerated and I say DO IT, where it is worthwhile to pause and to try and optimise. Only in this way we protect ourselves from stress when trying to develop out personality. But the things that we happily can do, should be and will be fun and for this reason alone will help us on in the development of our personality.  die Vorzüge unserer Persönlichkeit hierbei auf natürliche Art zu intensivieren, wird uns Vorteile sichern. Dennoch: Niemand muss deshalb zu einem Perfektionisten in seiner Optimierung werden. Ich sage STOPP, wo der Perfektionismus anfängt zu übertreiben, und ich sage MACHEN, wo es lohnt zu optimieren, denn nur so schützen wir uns davor, dass Persönlichkeitsentwicklung in Unbehagen und Stress ausartet. Das aber, was wir hierfür tun können, ohne dass es immer 100% sind, soll und wird uns Spaß bringen und uns alleine schon deshalb weiterbringen.

„Think big“ with according visions that are greatly designed can become an amazing incitement for us. But let’s stay honest: How realistic are our visions? Do I really want to carry the burden of an overly big vision? A realistic self-estimation is more important than exaggerated self-esteem! Only this way we protect ourselves from a frustrating fall in the case of not fulfilling the desired ME. The trick: Our goals can, as far as we know them – and in a personalised image consulting session you can learn hot to exactly define them – be divided into small steps, and the images of ourselves that are in our heads should only reflect the next step. Maybe however you really are the one, who has the power and the absolute will for a “big thing”. In this case, I don’t want to have said anything, and the perfection should be carried out to the full extent.