Typberatung Hamburg

Patrizia Perschk

Zeigen Sie sich smarter, charmanter und souveräner - Ihre Ausstrahlung ist Ihr Erfolg!

Image consultation

Sie lernen, Ihre Persönlichkeit mithilfe Ihres individuellen, vorteilhaften Looks und Ausdrucks für berufliche und/oder private Zwecke zu stärken, zu optimieren und mit ihr zu überzeugen!


To underline your personality we will go find the perfect outfit for you in Hamburg’s downtown retail centres. Furthermore, I am happy to organise your wardrobe for you, according to your taste and based on the newest and most modern fashion trends.


During my business presentations I will show you and you colleagues how to improve upon your style, your etiquette, your small talk and your body language, in order to achieve a more professional and convincing appearance.

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Customer feedback

“Our image consulting session was very exciting, interesting and illuminating. Right after spending time with Patrizia I have purchased three pairs of shoes, which are very different compared to the ones I used to own. Tomorrow, I will buy new lipstick and an eye pencil. As advised, I’ve got rid of my blue, colourful skirt, and I will wear my hair a bit shorter in future. Overall, I am super excited to share my new “ME” with the world!”
“One notices immediately that Patrizia works with great pleasure with her customers, and takes into accounts all of their very wishes. She is unbeatable for me in terms of her openness and her customer- orientation. In future, I will gladly allow her to look at my wardrobe again and to sort out my beloved- yet no so suitable clothing. The consulting session was excellent!”
“Thank you so much for our extraordinarily nice afternoon and evening. Now I am feeling a lot more secure when it comes to colour selection of my clothing, as well as in the combination of different pieces, which is certainly due to the fact that you have supported me very well not only emotionally, but with the adequate amount of motivation and optimism. The image consulting has brought me a lot of pleasure and now I am determined to look after myself more in the future.”


Patrizia Perschk über ihre Arbeit im Interview mit Life Coach Frau Dr. Nathalie Forest Ph.D.

Impressions of image consulting

Vouchers for image consulting

You want to surprise a friend or a colleague of yours? Gift them something out of the ordinary with a voucher for an image consulting-session, a workshop, a wardrobe check-up or a shopping trip in Hamburg.



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