White in the world of fashion

White – The colour of purity

In my image consulting sessions, a lot of times we are dealing with wearing black, as many people prefer this colour. I will let the reader decide whether this is good or bad, because for our image colours are differently advantageous or disadvantageous on a very personal level. Why I am wondering about: We are rarely thinking of dressing in white!

But why is this the case? White gives light, reflects our sunny side and makes us feel and easy.

I often hear that „white makes me appear pale” as a first response to the idea of wearing white. A person who is already pale, most often is right on that. But imagine a suntanned person. White literally makes such a person shine! White as a combination colour – just imagine a white blouse underneath a blue, red or pink jacket – makes every outfit appear very dressed. With pure white we associate purity, cleanliness and honesty. Where else does the statement “you wear a white vest” come from. A lab coat is the best exemplification of this statement.

A white cotton dress in summer can make you appear playful and romantic.

Men, who are dressed in white pullovers simply appear cool!

„Black makes you appear skinnier“ is one of the things we hear the most. Indeed, this is true. But need I wear black all the time below the head for this reason? Maybe, I would much rather prefer to simply hide my thighs. Then, it is recommendable to resort to wearing black. Then however, can we use other colours in order to make the face appear nicer? If I wear a bit of make up, a white top make my face stand out much more.

A person who always wears only white even after work, is often a bit mysterious in terms of his or her personality, which shouldn’t uphold people from dressing in the colours that he or she consciously loves. If we decide for wearing certain colours on a regular basis, then we underline our authenticity and therefore our personality. But even then, an image consulting session lends an external perspective for whether there our colours or nuances of colours, that can underline this personality even more and make us appear more advantageous. A pure white colour won’t be neglected as an option in this process. Wenn wir uns für bestimmte Farben entscheiden, unterstreicht dies unsere Authentizität und damit unsere Persönlichkeit! Dennoch kann ein beratender Blick von außen herausfinden, ob es nicht vielleicht Farbtöne gibt, die diese Ausstrahlung noch weiter unterstreichen und uns vorteilhafter erscheinen lassen. Das reine Weiß wird dabei selten zu kurz kommen!