Are we all experiencing an evolution of fashion?

When we are a child, our parents dress us, and we have little influence on this. For many teenagers – especially for girls – the world of fashion become extremely interesting, in which we can find fascinating optical facets at ourselves. Coupled with a sense for brands or the newest trends, we can possibly even strengthen our self-esteem through fashion, or at least we intend to do so. However, many people don’t have great interest in fashion, brands, trends, certain cuts, fabric and emblems. Yet still: Without knowing it they follow the Zeitgeist by what they choose to wear. And for that sole reason they wear certain cuts at certain times, as well as certain colours and compilations of individual pieces of clothing, as these particular looks are being offered to the public at that particular time. You know the feeling: You look at a 20 year old photo and then you wonder over the weird clothing, that you used to wear at that time. But actually you have just been following the natural trends at that time and you may have felt good doing it.

Only be looking at our clothing we can often notice, in which phase of our lives we are right now and we can even estimate the year a particular photo of ourselves has been taken. We therefore develop our personality together with our clothing and with our look. We present ourselves as more shrill and notable in a very expressive phase of life. On the other hand, we dress simpler, when we are in a more settled phase of life. Those among us who are very conscious about their fashion will quickly know, in which situation of their life they were exactly, by simply looking at the outfits.

But, whether we like it or now, we all hang on to this fashion evolution, even if it is just a certain cut of trousers, that we used to wear at a certain phase of our lives. Have fun with that! Fashion is not only an expression of the particular time, but also of your state of mind and your individual circumstances. Even a person who says no to dressing in a certain way expresses something – namely the fact, that the intellectual world is much more important to him. Everything is allowed!

My personal "Fashion-Evolution" between the age of 8 and 40 years.