Long Skirts

Mini, Midi, Maxi..

All lengths of skirts and trousers do eventually come back into fashion, sometimes more, sometimes less. Midi length for swinging skirts and dresses, that end at around the strongest point of the calf are very much up-do-date. But these lengths do rarely make us appear more beautiful. We should be very skinny for these skirts and dresses, and even better: Tall and skinny.

With the Maxi-length, which ends almost at the ground, the situation annoyingly looks very much the same. Smaller women can cheat a bit by wearing brighter and happier colours. These don’t “compress” her as much and lend a certain easiness touch to the look. He who thinks that black makes you appear skinny, is mistaken here, as it much rather makes you appear hanging downwards optically. A higher heel to this look grants length and chic as well, but it makes the outfit appear “too dressed.” A flat sandal or a trainer looks elated and more casual.

The question remains of course: Do we always want to look beautiful. Maybe sometimes we just want to look original, or fashionable or interesting. Why not! If you wear an oversized pullover to the Midi, or Maxi-Skirt, the figure gets hidden very nicely, but then the appearance has little to do with beauty. But maybe it has something to do with “I feel comfortable in my skin” and that should be the most important outcome of our styling session.

So it holds for everyone: These lengths should be tried out. Indeed, in these skirt lengths you can feel incredibly comfortable, because nothing slipping out of place, you can take big steps and the fabric doesn’t stick directly to the legs. You will feel great comfort when wearing it!