Colorful socks

Everywhere, you start to see people wearing HAPPY SOCKS. Women wear them as well as men, and especially younger people like them and wear them on the streets., nicht nur für Weiblein, auch für Männlein, vornehmlich bei sehr jungen Menschen, aber auch jenseits der Jugend durchaus im Straßenbild zu sehen.

The idea: Be amazed by fancy pairs of socks by people who otherwise don’t necessarily wear the most elegant or noticeable clothing! These socks spread happiness with colourful motives and several topics such as fantasy, comics, strips, dots, caro, flowers, graphics etc.! Fröhlichkeit verbreiten mit bunten Sockenmotiven aus etlichen Themenbereichen wie Fantasy, Comic, stripes, dots, Karo, Blumen, Grafics usw.

The look gets more exciting by these colourful pieces, if it otherwise looks rather conservative, so for example combining a dark suit and a simple light shirt or blouse with trousers that aren’t too long and the suitable trainers for this look. If someone isn’t as brave can start with unicolour socks, that form a contrast to the conservative trousers and the old school school.

Enjoy trying some of these tips out!