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I have graduated as a fashion designer from the Technical College of Hamburg in 1985. Professionally, I have dealt with the designs for the companies Classic Nouveau, Edwin Int. and Olsen. I have especially focussed on the compilation of different drafts, and have completed this approach by gathering experience in makeup and accessories, as I am fascinated by the overall picture of the models or rather my customers. To underlines these qualities better, in 1988 I was educated as a consultant of colours and of image consulting by the family J.+F. Day in Hamburg. Later, after several years spent as a fashion designer and controller for mail order company “Quelle” branch in South Korea, I have learnt make-up-art at Ulrike Schütze in Hamburg.

In the branch of cosmetics I gathered experience, too. I was employed both as a salesperson of cosmetics and as an image consultant at fashion event for the company “Skin Ceutical-Depots”.

Starting in 2008, I have participated enthusiastically in seminars for voice and for giving convincing speeches, as well as in coachings for communication and personality, and lastly I got trained in physiognomics and body language.

Im Febr. 2021 machte ich meinen Abschluss als Ernährungsberaterin an der Heilpraktikerschule Leipzig. 

My clients seek advice for improving their public perception. I help them to present their “ME” to other persons in the best way.

Dear reader, I would love to offer this possibility to you on a very individual level, and help you find the style that best fits you, as I have helped so many ladies and gentlemen already!

I am married and I have two children.

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