Why you should consider an image consultation

Does an image consulting session make sense for me? I say: Absolutely!

It doesn’t have to come to greater insecurities and inner conflict, in order to deepen the thought on participating in an image consulting session. Further, nobody is required to be on a self-optimization trip and to perfect every single detail on one’s self. This could result in unnecessary stress.

Rather, an image consulting session will take a professional but relaxed look at you from an external perspective. Our outside and our inside are interwoven surprisingly tightly. You will present and style yourself as a very specific type of person, as you are very specific type of person both on the inside and on the outside.

Maybe you are a person who loves convenience and who considers it annoying and redundant to occupy oneself with fashion. Maybe to you, intellectual topics that concern your mind rather than your appearance are much more important to you. Therefore you may not always dress yourself according to the newest trends. But don’t worry – you will keep being yourself! Our consulting session will much rather aim at making you appear comfortable and dapper, achieving this with simple means! Sie dürfen Sie selbst bleiben! Hierbei jedoch wird die Beratung darauf abzielen, Sie mit einfachen Mitteln und Tricks angenehm und gepflegt erscheinen zu lassen.

Maybe you are a business person, to whom career matters the most, but you don’t have the time to find the appropriate look. The consulting session will lend you a suiting business look, will equip you with many useful kinds of communication in terms of body language, and will recommend suitable brand and stores for you for future purchases.

Maybe, you are in a phase of change of your life and you want to change something fundamentally in youself. Here we take a look at where and how you can present yourself as being more open, or at least differently.

Perhaps, you may also be curious over yourself and you therefore participate in a consulting sessionf or your own image. It is often surprising to me to hear so many “aahs” and “oohs” as a consultant. neugierig auf sich selbst und nehmen daher einmal eine Typberatung für Ihr Image in Anspruch. Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich, wie viele „Aahs“ und „Ohs“ ich als Beraterin dabei erfahre. 

The questions remains: To what extent are you comfortable with yourself? With an image consulting session, you can find yourself more and highlight the positive. The external view on yourself will perceive you in a very different way and will give you an honest feedback to your ME. Wie sehr sind Sie mit Ihrem Äußeren bei sich selbst? Durch eine Typberatung können Sie Ihr Selbst mehr finden und positiv unterstreichen. Der fremde Blick auf Sie nimmt Sie einmal ganz anders wahr und gibt Ihnen ein ehrliches Feedback zu Ihrem ICH.

Actually, the choice of colours themselves will have a significant impact on your mood. The appropriate cuts, materials that have a feel-well-character‑ and the combination of your articles of clothing will do the rest. And don’t forget: The consulting session also includes advice on the best haircut, your glasses and all of your accessories. passenden Farben für Sie kann sich grundlegend auf Ihr Gemüt auswirken. Die passenden Schnitte, Wohlfühl-Materialien und die Kombination Ihrer Garderobe tun ihr übriges. Nicht zu vergessen: Die Beratung für eine passende Frisur, Brille und für alle Accessoires.

Many visits as for example to your dentist, your sport club or your hairdresser we make regularly and naturally. But a single fundamental consulting session can provide so much use for our actual ME and it can greatly enrich us. Dabei kann eine einzige grundlegende Beratung für unser eigentliches ICH so viel zusätzlichen Nutzen und Gewinn generieren.

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